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The Testing Process

In order to become an IQA RDT certified Head Referee, a candidate must pass both the Assistant Referee and Snitch Referee tests before taking the Head Referee test.

If the candidate fails any test, there is a mandatory one-week waiting period before that test may be attempted again.

The Assistant Referee and Snitch Referee tests are taken independent of each other, and have no pre-requisites. Therefore, it is not necessary for a Snitch Referee to be an Assistant Referee as well, or vice versa. These tests are free for members belonging to a contracted league. For non-contract members, there is a 5EUR training/membership fee. Each non-HR test can be taken 6 times per person.

The Head Referee test costs $21AUD/$20USD/£12/$22CAD, and allows that candidate to take the written Head Referee test 4 times.

If the candidate fails any test more than the allotted attempts, they may not attempt to certify at that position again for the remainder of that season.

For more information on where your money goes, check out our payment page.

Rulebook 8 testing is available for anyone outside of Australia. Rulebook 7 tests are available only to Australians.

Training Materials


The IQA RDT's main goal is to certify as many elite refs as possible. To this end, we've produced a suite of resources that applicants should be comfortable with before attempting any written test.

All interested IQA RDT referee candidates are encouraged to study the current version of the rules that are out for their league.

Scorekeepers and Goal Referees

Often the foundation on which a referee squad is either built or broken, goal refs and scorekeepers are key to a well officiated game. IQA RDT has written goal referee and scorekeeper guides for distribution so you can make sure everyone at your tournament is in top form.

The IQA RDT is happy to provide refresher quizzes for scorekeepers and goal refs. These quizzes are aimed at people who have little to no experience with either position and will make sure that everyone on your referee squad or volunteer crew is up to speed on the rules. Note that these quizzes offer no formal certification and are provided for convenience only.

Feel free to post these quizzes to your event pages or wherever else you'd like!


Sometimes, the best way to learn is by watching. To this end, we've begun a series of videos that highlight specific situations and how you can best prepare yourself for them.

Five Pillar Guides

As the IQA RDT has framed itself around the five pillars of the field test, we want to share with you how to best exemplify the traits of a great referee using these pillars. The following are guides created to train referees to reach their greatest potential in each area.

On the Field

We've got the rubric we use to evaluate Head Referee candidates during their field test, along with a Match Responsibilities Guide.

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