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Thank you for thinking about financially supporting the IQA RDT! Now that we're our own organization, we've got bills to pay and as of now, our only support comes from you, our lovely paid members. NOTE Sometimes paypal doesn't register your purchase fast enough, so you may need to sign out and back in for your payment to register. We'll get this fixed soon!

What is my money used for? Will it be spent on patches or ID cards I don't want?
Good question! We have a few upkeep costs that drain the majority of our financial resources.

We also want to stress that every IQA employee is a volunteer, and while we accept donations, none of us are compensated for our time. We do what we do because we love quidditch and believe the system we are building will produce the best referees possible.

So, help us help you. Skip that latte tomorrow and be part of something awesome.

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